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The current tank monitoring line was designed and started being manufactured back in 1986 with Larson Electronics. The technology and company has changed hands and developed with the times on several occasions over the last 25+ years.

Snake River Electronics (originally Geckotec) purchased out Larson Electronics and developed the AccuGage technology which is the capacitive sensor reading technology that is used in the panels available today. They also developed the Smart Chip technology for calibration ease. This uses the push of a button to calibrate instead of having to dial in potentiometers for each tank.

Diamond Distribution bought out Snake River Electronics which turned the manufacturing of the product line over to Tech-Edge Manufacturing in 2007. During this period Tech-Edge and Diamond worked together to develop the new iSeries panel using the same Accugage tank sensing technology.

In 2009 Tech-Edge Manufacturing LLC bought out the Tank Monitoring line from Diamond Group and is now the Manufacturer and Supplier for all the Tank Monitors. Tech-Edge has upgraded the software and features of the iSeries panel to what it is today.

Tech-Edge Manufacturing has been in business since 1997 where it started developing its own products in Utah. In 2005, Tech-Edge moved to Oregon and added manufacturing to the available services it offered its many clients.

Tech-Edge is proud of the personal customer service it offers to all its customers from its large OEM clients to the small RV or boat owner. Everyone is treated with care.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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