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Thank you for deciding to become certified in installing our iSeries and other tank monitoring systems. You will need to first watch the video and then take the exam. You can watch the video and take the exam as many times as needed to pass. Please click through the screens to progress through the video as slowly as you need to take in the information. There is no time limit for the exam.

When you have completed, and passed, the exam, you will receive a certificate in the mail and a thank you gift. Please post the certificate somewhere in the waiting or office area so our customers will see it when they come to get an installation done. Also, please make sure that you call us at (541) 610-0401 if you have any questions when doing an installation so we can make sure the customer is completely satisfied with their tank monitor when they leave your location.

Note: This video and certification exam are for the older software version TE2011 REV A. A new video is coming soon to certify in our new upgraded software 2025-6X2-1. You are welcome to certify on this video and then just watch the new set-up and calibration videos for the new software when they are released.

Click here to watch the video.
        You will need a flash player to view the video. If you do not have one or need your upgraded, please click here.

Click here to take the exam.

If you do not pass the exam, you are still welcome to purchase monitoring systems from us as a dealer or repair shop, we just will not be able to refer customers to you until you have passed.

Thank you again and we hope to be able to add you soon to our certified dealers list